About Us


Learn the Greek art of cooking!

Welcome to Rhodes Cooking Class, an authentic gastronomic experience where you will enjoy warm hospitality in our traditional farmhouse and take home not just a souvenir, but a piece of true Rhodian experience. The idea of Rhodes cooking class was born out of the desire to make visitors feel local. By participating in the cooking workshop, you will enjoy a complete guided tour around the farmstead and participate in the preparation of your lunch.

Our cooking lessons are informal and relaxed, with a balance of professional and home-style culinary experience. Learn along with a small group of just 12 visitors, which ensures an intimate atmosphere and dedicated attention from your guide. During these 4 hours you will experience the traditional Greek way of life, the culture, the Greek art of cooking. We truly believe food is our common ground. A universal experience.


Start your gastonomic adventure!

Be guided through the territory for a tour of the farm’s premises and around the vegetable garden to get a feel for the raw produce and learn more about the herbs. Then, prepare a traditional meal including appetizers with the local chef and learn the secrets of how the locals cook. Finally we retreat to our beautiful, shady garden area to enjoy all the delicious food we’ve created with a well-deserved ice cold drink.

All this is interspersed with stories about the Island, its culture and how the Mediterranean diet has come to be what it is today. There will be plenty of hands-on opportunities during the morning, different products to taste, and wines to sample – you definitely won’t leave feeling hungry. At the end, the cooking lesson turns into a feast as you enjoy the dishes you have prepared, along with local wine and traditional Greek music.